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“Determined to spare other developers hours of trial and error, Albing and Schwarz demonstrate the platform, tools, and application development by showing realistic, easy-to-follow examples.”

Java™ Application Development on Linux® can propel you from a standing start to the full-speed development and deployment of Java applications on Linux.


Carl Albing


Michael Schwarz (more...)

Carl Albing: .A software consultant, manager, analyst and programmer with an amazing breadth of software experience, Carl Albing has worked with companies in the US, Canada and Europe.  He has worked for large companies and small startups, in technical as well as in managerial and marketing roles. He wrote compiler software while at NCR, medical image processing software at a small startup, distributed computing software for the premier supercomputing company Cray Research, Inc. His experience in software development goes back to the early 1970’s working with C Language and Unix. The last few years he has been putting new Linux and Java technologies to use for real-world business solutions. His education includes graduate work in Computer Science as well as a degree in Mathematics and an International MBA. He is currently the principal software architect at Always Computing, Inc. of Minnesota.

Always ready to share what he has learned, Carl has made presentations, led seminars and provided technical training in various cities throughout North America as well as in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.


Carl has spoken at VanLUG, the Vancouver (BC) Linux User Group


Did you hear us at LinuxWorld Canada ‘05 ?


Michael Schwarz: is a C++ turned Java developer. Co-author of the books "Java Application Development on Linux", (PrenticeHall PTR) and "Multitool Linux", (Addison Wesley) Michael Schwarz has also written articles for Linux Journal. Mike learned his software and hardware skills at his father's knee, building early home-brew systems and writing low level device drivers in his early teens. He attended the University of Minnesota and has worked in the computer software industry ever since, with special emphasis on IT and Security.

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